Business Principles and Ethics

The company’s Statement of General Business Principles and Ethics outlines core values, and the principles and ethics to be followed by staff in the conduct of the company’s business. The essence is to achieve company’s objectives in performance and responsibility to stakeholders.

Quality Management

RICTEL PETROLEUM SERVICES LIMITED Quality Management System is well structured, and built around the ISO model comprising: management Framework, Process Management, and Quality Assurance steps.


RICTEL PETROLEUM SERVICES LIMITED CASHES Management System is built around leadership and commitment. The management framework addresses policies, standards and procedures to be
followed, as well as the application of the Hazard and Effect Management Process (HEMP) tool and Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) register to effectively manage community affairs, safety, health, environment, & security (CASHES) in the business.

Nigerian (Local) Content

As an indigenous company, RICTEL PETROLEUM SERVICES LIMITED readily offers the platform to contribute to the Nigeria’s local-content progress milestone – through the projects they will execute, either on their own or in consortium with partners.
Furthermore, RICTEL PETROLEUM SERVICES LIMITED is committed to the pursuit of in-country engineering capability.