Our Strategy

RPSL strategy is to continuously strengthen our position as a preferred service provider in our niche market. This will be achieved by equipping our staff with the necessary skills and also taking full advantage of precision equipment, technology, strategic alliances to pursue growth . The key elements in our strategy platform are:

* Committed to providing customers with safe and efficient operations.

* Perform high-quality operations by combinin g state-of-the-art spread of equipment with experienced and skilled employees.

* Achieves its growth targets through targeted alliances, investments, organic growth and acquisitions.

* Capitalizes on leading-edge technology in harsh and unfriendly work areas.

* Develops its strong position in it’s nic he market whilst pursuing further organic growth opportunities in this sector.

Our Vision

Our vision is for RICTEL PETROLEUM SERVICES LIMITED ( RPS L) to be the global oil & gas industry's premier facilities and infrastructure provider, admired by customers and employees for consistently delivering and rewarding excellence, articulating local content, social ,community responsibilities, environmental peculiarities and contemporary technocracy into smart engineering solutions.
Achieving this demands we:
• Work to world-class standards
• Focus always on customer satisfaction
• Respect the environment and are sensitive to the communities in where we work
• Promote and reward on excellence, integrity and diligence

Our Mission

To deliver quality, safe, cost effective and timely services to customer specification.

Our Values

RPSL is a culturally diverse, indigenous company, united by shared values RPSL people are:
• Safety conscious
• Ethical
• Innovative
• Cost-conscious
• Responsive to customers
• Result Oriented