Our Experience

Type of Project & Work Performed Client Completion Date
Agbada NAG II Handling Facility Project Makon Engineering/Shell 2015
Blasting and Painting of OML 124 Facilities Cluster at Izombe Addax Petroleum Limited 2014
Blasting and Painting of Water Injection Packages For Alon Engineering Services Alon Engineering Services 2013
Supply of Scaffold Materials for Northern Pipeline Project Saipem/Total 2013
Supply of Hydrotesting Materials and Pigs for Bonga North West Project Saipem/Shell 2013
Supply of Project Size Scaffold Materials for Total Ofon Phase 2 project Saipem Contracting Nigeria/Total 2013
Construction and Insulation of Operations Portacabin Office On TMMP Platform Addax Petroleum Limited 2013
Blasting,Painting,Scaffolding and Insulation of Adanga Production Platform Addax Petroleum Limited 2013
Supply of Scaffold Materials for ADNA Deck Project Kaztec Engineering/Addax 2012
Blasting and Painting of Hull and Under Helideck of Delta Queen Jack-up Rig Seawolf Oilfields Services Limited 2012
Construction and Maintenance of Operator’s Portacabin Office at Adanga and Mimbo Platforms. Addax Petroleum Limited 2012
Installation of Cathodic Protection System for 6” Ozuobodo Crude oil line. Mechanical System Ltd / Addax 2012
Supply and Erection of Scaffold for Platform hook up Project Kaztec Engineering/Addax 2012
Blasting, Painting and Scaffolding of Izombe Crude Oil Tank Construction Project . Cakasa / Addax Limited 2012
Scaffolding and Insulation of TMMP Offshore Platform MIDIS Energy/Addax 2012
Scaffolding for Oris Jack-Up Rig Hull Repairs Seawolf Oilfields Services Limited 2012
Supply of Closed Offshore Storage Container Addax 2012
Supply of Scaffolding materials and erection at Onome Jack up rig Seawolf Oilfield Services Ltd. 2012
Grit Blasting,Painting and Insulation on FPSO Trinity Spirit 1020 Square Meter and UT on Deck measuring 1020 Sqm offshore. Shebah Exploration & Production Ltd. 2011
Supply and Installation of Workshop Demag 20 ton overhead Crane Bell Oil & Gas Ltd 2011