• Fabrication/Welding
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)
  • Corrosion control services (Cathodic Protection, Blasting and Coating)
  • Scaffolding
  • Leasing of Construction Equipment
  • Technical Labour Supply
  • Project Support Services
  • Drafting, Estimating and Tendering, Technical Write-ups
  • Structural Investigation

Structural Steel Works

  • Fabrication of Steel Portacabins and Storage Tanks
  • Construction Services
  • Skids, Skips, Boat Landi ng, Riser Clamps, Jackets and Decks, etc.
  • Over head crane installation

Mechanical/ Process Works

  • Piping Spools, Manifolds, and Pipelines for land, Swamp and Offshore locations, Installation of Process Equipment, Gas Compression Stations and Flow stations
  • Fabrication / Erection of Storage Tanks
  • Surface Preparation and painting
  • Glass Reinforce Epoxy (Fiberglass) piping Installations

Turnaround Maintenance Projects

  • Production Unit Shutdowns, whether scheduled or not, in the sectors of refining or chemical.
  • Long Term Maintenance Contracts
  • Revamping of Units

Civil Works

  • Pile and concrete Integrity Investigation
  • Installation of casing pile
  • Installation of concrete pile
  • Installation of sheet piles for shore protection
  • Reinforcement of casing piles